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Hi, I am Shreejai, a Full Stack Web Developer & Designer based in Sydney, Australia.

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About Me

I am a full stack web developer with a passion for creating interactive and responsive web applications. I have experience working with JavaScript, React, Nextjs, MERN Stack, PHP, WordPress, LAMP Stack, HTML, CSS, Tailwind and Git. I am a quick learner and I am always looking to expand my knowledge and skill set. I am a team player and I am excited to work with others to create amazing applications.

  • Next.js
  • React.js
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Stacks: MERN, LAMP
  • Headless CMS: WordPress, Sanity

My Projects

React + MUI Social Media Front-end

A social media UI with dark mode built with Material UI and React Hooks

React Gym Workout Generator

Formulates workouts based on muscle group selections with sets tracker. Made with React js and Vite

React NASA Astro Pic of the Day

Made with Vite and React to showcase data fetched and cached from NASA APOD API

Next.js Pokemon Game

Pokemon guessing game built with Next.js, React Hooks, Tailwind CSS and RapidAPI

Headless CMS - Sanity and GROQ

Built with Sanity, GROQ queries, Next.js 14, ShadCN, Tailwind CSS and TypeScript with Dark/Light mode

Next.js Movies App

A simple web app that lists short descriptions of movies using RapidAPI and Next.js

React Kanban Project

A Kanban board that lets the user create, drag and drop tasks just like JIRA. Built with React and Tailwind CSS

Next.js LinkTree Demo

LinkTree Demo built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS

React Simple Todo List

Simple Todo List made with Vite and React using local storage

Kaboom.js Jumping obstacles game

Built with Vanilla Javascript and Kaboom.js library. (Press 'spacebar' to jump) 📱❌ | 🖥️ ✅

Real estate cluster map

Built with Google Maps API and vanilla javascript

Lets connect

I'm currently looking for new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I'll try my best to get back to you!

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